Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Are Rug Pads Really Necessary?

Out of sight = out of mind.  We don’t see rug pads and because of this, many people tend to think that they are not a necessity.  This misconception is common and it is simply not true.  You should never take a good rug pad for granted.  They play a role that is important and it goes beyond just adding more padding under your feet.  Here is a look at a few of the benefits of having a great rug pad.

·         Protection for your floors and rug.  When you don’t use a rug pad under your rug, there will be a friction that can result in wearing and deteriorating your lovely wood floors.  This is especially true when you have a dark rug on lighter colored floors.  When you have the darker rug and lighter floors, a rug pad goes beyond preventing scratches and also protects against the color from the rug staining the floor.  It will also keep the rug from slipping out from under you.

wooden floor rug pad

·         Extend the life of any carpet.  When you lay area rugs on top of carpet (quite popular now), it will help to maintain the quality of your carpet.  Additionally, rugs pads on carpeting will allow there to be more air between the layers while also keeping your carpet clean.

·         They prevent build - up of bacteria.  Rug pads can help combat things like mildew, mold and odors because they provide ventilation between the floor and the rug.  This also makes cleaning and vacuuming more effective.  While this assists in making the rugs have a longer life span, it is also a great benefit to people in your home who have sensitive skin or allergies.

·         Rug pads provide safety.  These pads give great protection against falls.  The underside of many area rugs is very slippery.  A rug pad will assist in gripping both the rug and the floor so that the rug stays in place.  There are many different types of rug pads.  Some of them are made specifically for carpet and others are made specifically for wood floors.

Area rugs can be a vital part of the décor in your home or office.  Don’t allow them to depreciate over time or to be a safety hazard simply because you don’t have a rug pad.  Finding the right rug pad means that you will not need to get another one for years to come.  

They are especially great when you want to protect your natural area rugs.  Area rugs that are made from natural fibers are an investment in your home.  Don’t let that investment be squandered.  Head over to Natural Area Rugs and find the exact rug pad that you need.

Friday, December 4, 2015

How to Decorate for the Holidays with Area Rugs

You have decorated your tree and adorned the house with colorful lights inside and out.  You may have even wound a bunch of garland around all of the staircases.  Your home looks like it is almost ready for the approaching holiday season, but it seems like you are forgetting something.  Oh, have you put out the area rugs yet?  While the ones that you have out during the year might do the trick, they have simple patterns and don’t exactly explode with the holiday look.  Now is the time for some seasonal rugs.

Tips for Choosing the Right Rugs for the Holidays


·         Surely you know by now that there are a few general “rules” when it comes to area rugs.  Some of them have to do with size and this is important for holiday decorating.  In your dining room, the rugs need to be large enough to provide ground cover for the table and all of the chairs.  When it comes to chairs, the rug needs to be large enough so that even when people back the chairs up to get up from the table, they don’t get off the rugs.  When it comes to living rooms, you might want to consider anything under 9 feet by 12 feet.

·         Don’t be afraid to be bold when it comes to colors and patterns.  The holidays are known for unapologetic frivolity and ostentatious displays.  For this reason, don’t be scared to use designs that are boisterous.  Remember that the goal is to be celebratory and festive.  Consider kicking things up a notch and break some of fashion and style rules at this time of year.
Rugs for Holidays
·       Think about colors.  If you celebrate Christmas then think about red and green while if Hanukkah is your thing, you might want to stick with the traditional blue and white. 
·        Choose fibers that are durable.  If you happen to be hosting some holiday parties, your rugs will be seeing much foot traffic.  They may even be the recipients of snacks, dips, chips and drinks dropped or spilled on them.  Keeping that in mind, natural rugs like seagrass, sisal and wool work well for the holidays.

Find Your Ideal Rugs


No matter what you decide, when it comes to getting holiday area rugs for your home décor, Natural Area Rugs has exactly what you need.  Feel free to stop in and browse through the inventory to find what you are looking for so that you will be able to celebrate the holidays in style.  The quality and options are unbeatable and the prices are great.  Regardless of your style, you will find what you need that will allow you and everyone who steps into your home to enjoy the holidays in style.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Which Rugs are the Best for Office Space

More and more often, we are finding that we are turning to our offices and homes like they are truly havens.  Area rugs can be an amazing addition to any room regardless if it is in your home, your office or even your home office.  They can transform any room from traditional to modern and everything in between.  This is even more true if you choose natural fiber rugs such as sea grass, jute or sisal.  You can always combine custom rugs and area rugs in order to elevate and even customize how any room or space looks.  Here are just a few things that might inspire you.

my favorite office rug

If you happen to have a small vintage rug or even an Oriental rug think about layering it on top of a rug that is made from natural fibers.  This will give your home, office or home office an instant additional dimension.

You can also achieve a sense of modern simplicity when you choose rugs that are made from natural fibers such as jute.  These rugs are available in monochromatic colors such as beige, cream or white and they will give your office space an effect of timelessness.  This look can truly exude a casual type of elegance.  Add some white slip covers or a great chandelier and you will have the ideal accessories to achieve an office that has a simplistic modern style with a twist.

There is a reverence to having the simple pleasures of living both beautifully and well regardless of whether we are in our work spaces or at home.  When we pay more attention to the little finishing touches and add area rugs that have been selected to transform our spaces into something that is more truly our own, we give ourselves the space and freedom to become truly happy. 

Think about it.  Most offices are utilitarian, right?  What if you were to bring a few decorations for your walls and desk?  You might achieve making the walls and desk look a bit different but what about the rest of the space?  If you want to make the space truly your own, you need to start from the ground up.  The simplest way to do that is with area rugs.  They don’t have to be fancy Oriental rugs or anything like that.  Choose something that is understated, yet will give your office a completely different look and feel to it when compared to the other offices in your building.  

Any natural area rug can help you achieve this.  With all of the different colors, textures, sizes, styles, patterns and shapes to choose from, you can truly put your stamp on your office.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Stylish Ways to Decorate with Area Rugs

A natural area rug can work wonders when it comes to improving the look of a space.  That being said, some ways that you can decorate using these rugs are better than others. 

The flooring in a home is an essential part of interior design and what you have on your floors can make a big impact on the overall look and feel of a room.  Think about using a natural area rug if you want a way that you can change the look of a room quickly and easily even if you are on a budget.  It is also a quick way to fix problems or blemishes that you might have in your existing flooring and/or carpeting.  As more and more homes are moving to hard flooring, natural area rugs are becoming more and more popular.

home decor

A natural area rug is also a great way to warm up a room.  They can even be used as the focal point in a space.  They are great for adding a bit of color and they can even define the seating arrangements…creating a virtual island in the center of a room in order to make it appear more inviting and intimate.  Area rugs are also easy to change out if you want to change the look of your home seasonally.

All of that being said, here are some things to consider in regards to decorating with area rugs.
·         What will the rug be used for?  Will it offer protection for your hardwood floors?  Will it define the space in a particular room?  Will you use it to warm up or soften the looks of a room?
·         How will the rug be integrated with the décor that is already in the room?  You wouldn’t want to put a rug that has a busy pattern in a room that is already decorated with patterns – such as wallpaper or the fabric of a sofa.  Look for a rug that has colors that will blend in with the other colors in that room…not match them but blend.

·         Using more than a single rug in an area is great too.  Just make sure that the colors will coordinate while the sizes and even shapes of the rugs are different.

·         One drawback to area rugs is that they can slide or creep around on a hard, slick floor.  This can be taken care of though by putting the rug on top of a rugpad.  There are also other benefits to pads.  They can protect both the floor and the rug while also absorbing noise and making the rug easier to vacuum.

·         For ease of maintenance, durability and versatility, consider choosing a natural fiber.  Wool is soft and durable while being great looking but avoid this option if you suffer from allergies.  Just is the softest choice, but don’t place it in direct sunlight if you don’t want it to fade.  Sisal area rugs are strong, durable and resistant to fading.